Reflecting On Religion

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we reviewed reflexive pronouns.  Here are the uses:

1.) We use reflexive pronouns as an object – Did you enjoy yourself at the party? 

2.) We also use reflexive pronouns after prepositions – Look at that man talking to himselfBut not after prepositions of place. Use personal pronouns after prepositions of place – Who is that behind you

3.) We also use reflexive pronouns to emphasize the subject of the sentence – I made this pie myself.

Here is the review sheet we did in class to practice reflexive pronouns .

Yesterday we discussed how we define ourselves. Starting with human beings on the planet – then to people living in a country (region) – to people living in a state, city or town – to individuals living in our community of family, friends, coworkers, fellow students – to individuals speaking a specific language (s), members of special interest clubs, members of religions – and finally to individual traits of race, gender, age, ethnicity, and physical attributes. Then we focused on religion – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In 5 separate groups we researched the basic facts of these religions and presented the facts to the class. Great job on your research and presentations. We all learned a lot!







We  discussed similarities and differences and watched this video.

After the video we talked about religion in our lives – is it important, do we need religion in our lives, what would the world be like without religion, do we need religion to be ethical, kind, and good? Thanks for all your ideas and thoughts and inspiration on this complex and personal topic!!

We ran out of time, so no words of the day. We’ll do them next week.

Remember to relax and practice!