Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Yesterday we reviewed complex prepositions, which are phrases or two or more words that have the same function as one-word prepositions. Here are some complex prepositions:

 For example, He was ahead of all the other runners in the marathon last week. Other examples are – away from, close to, next to, on top of, out of, up to and outside of. Click here for the worksheet we did in class, see if you can describe the pictures using some complex prepositions . 

The topic yesterday was where does our food come from??? We discussed food sources and the need to feed 8 billion people on the planet. We talked about factory farming and how it is used by big food stores and lots of restaurant chains. Factory farming is a way of raising chickens, pigs, cows and lots of other animals, fruits, and vegetables using unnatural and harsh methods in order to produce eggs, meat, milk and other foods for human consumption. Next we watched this film called The Scarecrow which shows a factory farming facility and the choices the scarecrow makes.    

After watching the film we discussed how we felt about this issue, and what choices we can make in our own food consumption. We also talked about organic, natural foods versus processed foods,and food labeling, and food marketing. Thanks for sharing all your great thoughts and ideas on this issue!

Words of the day

goofy (adjective) : {informal} crazy or silly                                                                           She was making goofy faces at all the other kids in class today, even the teacher laughed.

picky ( adjective) : very careful or too careful about choosing or accepting things : hard to please                                                                                                                       No matter what her mother made for dinner, Sally did not like it. Sally is such a picky eater.

spooky (adjective) : strange and frightening                                                                          Going into a graveyard at dusk can give you a pretty spooky feeling.

Remember to relax and practice and don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday!!