Dance, Dance, Dance

Hi Everyone,

Today we reviewed some uses of one, another, the other, and the others. Here’s a chart that will help with usage and some examples:

We also did this very brief practice in class Answers Another or The Others Practice

Moving on to today’s topic – Dance is………….     We all wrote down words or phrases to complete this thought and came up with lots of great descriptives of what we thought about dance and how we felt about it. Most of us like to dance, but, there were a few who said they felt uncomfortable dancing and that it was silly. There are many types of dances – folk, cultural, tribal, ballroom, swing, jazz, hip hop, disco, samba, salsa, tango, country line and square dancing, ballet, and so many more. Take a look here at a very trendy video of dance, called A – Z of Dance. This video shows dance as movement, sometimes extreme.  

This was a very hip video of street dance using lots of outrageous moves and tons of energy. Then we looked at dance as communication. We often dance with a partner, and sometimes that can indicate a relationship between two people, maybe love. We watched this video twice, once with sound and once without 

Some of us were disappointed by the music, and thought it should have been a classic, romantic, orchestral piece. Lastly, we talked about dance as therapy in expression. Dance often provides people with emotional, physical, or other issues a way to cope with and work through life’s struggles. Dance can help people express their feelings about life. We watched Aakash Odedra’s dance that he choreographed. Aakash has dyslexia, which makes reading and writing very difficult for him, and so he expresses this through his dance performance, Murmur. Watch the video here 

Generally we thought this was a very spiritual and dramatic dance performance. The lighting, music, and use of floating papers created Aakash’s unusual, imaginative, and personal journey with dyslexia. This performance was also energetic, and left some of us feeling a little uncertain about what was going to happen, as we watched the video. Some people thought the piece was brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing and contributing all your thoughts and ideas!

Words of the day

cross out (phrasal verb) : to draw a line through (something) to show that it is wrong                                                                                                                                                   It is easy to correct a mistake on a written essay, by just crossing  it out and writing the correction above the mistake.

diverse (adjective) : different from one another                                                                   The group of students in our class is very diverse.

cranky (adjective) : {informal} easily angered or annoyed                                              He has been cranky all day because he didn’t get enough sleep.

Remember to relax and practice!