Small Talk And Success

Hi Everyone,

On Friday we talked about “small talk” , which is a casual form of conversation that “breaks the ice” or fills an awkward silence between people. We use small talk before class, at bus stops, at coffee shops when we are waiting in line, at social gatherings (weddings, parties, etc.). So certain topics are appropriate and some are not here is the review we did in class on small talk Answers Small Talk Practice

Friday’s topic was the secret of  success. We discussed what is success – is it power, money, status, or something else? Who is successful? Are you born successful? Or do you earn success?  Then we watched this video on success in modern society 

The video showed us that success goes beyond money, power, prestige and fame. Success means “doing anything well”, and it also means being kind to strangers, filling your mind with interesting things, and knowing just when to put an arm around someone. We can’t be successful at everything, there are always sacrifices. And in the end, it is important to follow the path in life that can truly fulfill you.   Thanks for all your insights and ideas on success!

Words of the day

fidgety (adjective) : moving a lot because of boredom, nervousness, etc.                 All the kindergarten children were so fidgety on their first day of school. They just could not sit still!

interrupt (verb) : to ask questions or say things while another person is speaking                                                                                                                                                 How many times have I asked you not to interrupt  me when I’m on the phone??          

warm up (phrasal verb) : to become warmer ; to do exercises in order to prepare for some activity (such as sport like running, cycling, swimming)             I usually stretch my leg and back muscles as I warm up for my daily run around the Charles River.

  Remember to relax and practice (because that’s the secret to success!!)