Conversation, Questions, And Opinions On Life

Hi Everyone,

Today was all about starting conversations, asking questions, and inviting agreement and advice using question tagsQuestion tags are a simple way to change a declarative sentence to a question by adding an interrogative fragment (the “tag”). For example : Nice weather today, isn’t it? That underlined fragment is the question tag. Lots of people get confused with using these tags, but, if you follow a few simple rules and practice a lot, these will become a very natural part of your conversations. Here’s a few of the rules to follow and some examples of question tags:

We also did a practice together in class, take another look at the worksheet here Answers Question Tags Practice.

Another way to encourage conversation is to express your opinion on a topic. Some common expression used when we agree with an opinion are – I agree…, I concur…, This is absolutely right/ correct., Exactly…, and Totally… Some common expressions used to disagree are – I don’t agree with you.., I disagree with you…., I think you’re wrong, and No way.. We looked at some more expressions and put them in 4 columns – agreeing, disagreeing, suggesting, and stressing personal opinion , here’s what we came up with Answers Giving Opinion Table.

So, we decided to put all this into practice and today’s topic was – It’s Your Life – Do What You Love! We watched this video which urges people to live a life of creativity, passion, integrity and community. The video goes fast so you may want to watch it more than once to get the message. 

We then discussed all the suggestions the video makes about living life, and decided if we agreed or not. Then we wrote our own manifesto, giving our own personal advice and opinions for living a great life. Well done everyone and thanks for your imaginative advice!!

Words of the day

babysit (verb) : to take care of a child while the child’s parents are away                     I babysat  my niece last weekend, while my sister and brother-in-law took a much needed vacation to Cape Cod.   

waist (noun) : the middle part of your body between the hips and chest                    Many people are afraid that if they eat too much pizza their waist may expand!

ID (noun) : a card, document, etc. that has your name and other information about you and often includes a photograph                                                                                 I lost my ID last week and spent days getting a new one. I need my ID because I am travelling out of the country next month.

****This weekend (Aug.28-30) St. Anthony Feast in the North End. Enjoy some great Italian food, parades, music and the procession of the statue of St. Anthony ******

Remember to relax and practice!!