All About Words

Hi Everyone,

On Friday, we began our class with a review of synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that are similar to one another, and antonyms are words that are opposite of one another. For example take the word short the synonym is small and the antonym is tall. We looked at some words and filled in this word table with the synonyms and antonyms synonym antonym word table Next we looked at collocations – which are two or more words that often go together. These word combinations just sound “right” to native English speakers. For example, we eat fast food  not quick food ; we take a quick shower  not a fast shower. Here are some collocations with keep 


Friday’s topic was WORDS! We looked at the word play and made a map of all the word collocations and associations we could think of. Then we looked at the online visual dictionary and thesaurus Visuwords ( .This is a fun way to look at words and word associations. In groups we brainstormed the words – blow, break, split, run, fly, fall, light, space – just like we did with play. Great work everyone, and very creative!!! Then we watch the video Words which uses all 9 words we had been discussing. Take another look here 

We looked at 2 more word realted  websites – Snappy Words ( which is like visuwords, and Knoword ( which is a fun word game. Check them out!

Words of the day

sprinkle (verb) : to drop or spread small pieces or amounts of something over something                                                                                                                                We sprinkled red pepper flakes on our pizza for extra flavor.

catch some rays (idiom) : {informal} to sunbathe ; to sit or lie in the sun                 The best place to catch some rays  is at any beach on Cape Cod.

frantic (adjective) : feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry                                      Lots of students become frantic during final exams.     

   Remember to relax and practice!