So Much Money

Hi Everyone,

Today is the last day of July and summer is going quickly! We began this morning with a look at the use and meanings of fewer and less.Both of these adjectives are the comparative form and are used to indicate a decrease in the amount of something. Less is used with noncount nouns and fewer is used with count nouns: Next we looked at many and much which we use to indicate a quantity for count nouns and noncount nouns. This chart shows you when to use much or many with noncount or count nouns:

Here’s the practice we did together in class Fewer or Less and Much or Many Practice. Also for your review here is a list of common count and noncount nouns Count and Noncount Nouns .

Okay, now onto today’s topic – It’s All About Money. Our film today was called “The Black Hole”, so first we discussed what a “black hole” is in scientific terms- basically a hole in space that has a strong gravitational pull. In this film today the “black hole” is not in space and has to do with greed and irrational decisions. Take  a look at the film here 

After watching the film we talked about money, greed, and bad decisions. How would you use this type of “black hole”?? Lastly, we looked at some common money expressions – is money power? – do you spend money like water? – does money grow on trees? Here are the slides we reviewed today Money Expressions

Words of the day

torso (noun) : the main part of the human body not including the head, arms, and legs                                                                                                                                            After all that working out at the gym, his torso  was strong and muscular.

pitch-black (adjective) : very dark or black                                                                            It is already pitch-black  outside, I don’t see any stars or the moon.

clip (verb) : to hold or attach (two or more things) together with a clip                  She clipped together all her notes and handouts from class.

Great job today everyone!! Remember to relax and practice!

Don’t forget to take a look at that rare Blue Moon in the sky tonight!