Stay Curious

Hi Everyone,

How are you? What‘s your name? Where are you from? When did you get to class? Why are you smiling? Which seat is yours? Who knows what time it is? Whose phone is that on the table? We started class with a quick review of question words and what they are used for. Questions Quick Review Then we looked at Wh-ever phrases – whoever, whatever, whenever, whichever, wherever, and however here’s the handout we did in class WH-Ever Practice

 So then we discussed what type of person asks questions and what kinds of questions are asked, which led us to yesterday’s topic – curiosity. We looked at the word curiosity (noun) and it’s definition : the desire to learn or know more about something or someone. Other forms of the word are curious (adjective) and curiously (adverb). We talked about curiosity as a human emotion and other aspects, including  some expressions used with curiosity and what they mean. Here are the slides with some more information curiosity (noun) We discussed curiosity and technology, curiosity and creativity, and curiosity and knowledge and learning. We watched this video on the future of creativity 

After watching we discussed some of the points made in the video. We talked about how curiosity helps us learn and how we use curiosity to learn English. Thanks everyone for contributing to this lively discussion.

Words of the day

flabbergast (verb) : to shock or surprise (someone) very much                                    Many people were flabbergasted by the news that the Red Sox won their last four games!   

pie chart (noun) : a chart consisting of a circle that is divided into parts to show the size of the different amounts that are a part of a whole amount              When her company presents financial results to stockholders, they always use a pie chart which includes sales from all the different products.  

fan (noun) : a machine or device that is used to move air and make people cooler  : a person who has a strong interest in a particular person or thing              Most people who live in New England and like basketball are huge fans of the Celtics.

Whatever you do remember to relax and practice, and stay curious!!!