Arguments and Apologies

Hi Everyone,

Happy Fourth of July!  We started off this morning with a review of make or do . Are you creating something (use make or performing a job (use do?? Some examples are She is making a pie for the cookout. He is doing the dishes. Of course, we have lots of additional uses of make and do, so take a look at these slides Make and Do – Additional Meanings and Expressions  Ok, now let’s practice, here’s the handout out we did together Make or Do Review and Practice

Today’s topic – Arguments and Apologies.  We talked about what do couples usually argue about? and came up with looks of things, like money, communication, differences in tastes, differences in behaviors, children,  love, and family.   We looked at this list Expressions Used In Arguments and watched this video, without the sound at first to try to imagine what the couple is arguing about and what expressions they might be using – try watching without sound first and then with sound for a big surprise! 

Next we watched another video, Table 7 , which is also about a couple, Jack and Lauren, who are arguing in a restaurant. After watching the film we discussed what they were arguing about, what was the significance of the man in the basement, and the theme of forgive and forget. 

Generally, we may forget a little easier than forgive, but it’s complicated.

Words of the day

facade (noun) : the front of a building : a way of behaving or appearing that gives other people a false idea of your true feelings or situation                                 Even though Jack and Lauren seemed to be a happy couple, it was just a facade of their marriage.

bare-bones (adjective) : including only what is most basic or needed                      I didn’t want to spend too much money on hotels, so I found some rooms that were bare-bones and very cheap.   

ornate (adjective) : covered with decorations : covered with fancy patterns and shapes.                                                                                                                                          I love to visit the churches and cathedrals in Europe, so many have such ornate wall murals and ceilings.    

Remember to forgive and forget, and to relax and practice!!