At The Moment

Hi Everyone,

This morning we started off with a brief question “What are you doing now?” We responded with answers like, “I am studying English.” “I am sitting in class.”  How about people outside on Boylston Street – “What are they doing?” – “They are drinking coffee.” “They are walking to work.” This led us to a review and practice of present simple and present continuous verb tenses. We discussed when to use the tenses and how they are formed. Take a look at the practice we did in class  Answers Present Continuous and Present Simple Practice

Today’s topic was Moments – we began our discussion with trying to define what is a moment? We agreed that a moment is a brief period of time, that can be special, can be ordinary, can be happy or sad, can be specific, can be real or emotional, can occur in the past, present, and future. We discussed the concept of a moment and how it relates to us in our own lives. We watched this film called Moments which is a series of moments in life 

After watching the film we talked about some personal moments in our lives,and what they mean to us. We talked about moments in our lives that make up our human experience, and our connections to one another. Next we watched this film by Cesar Kuriyama who presents his project on how to preserve moments in his life. Take a look at the film here 

After the film, we discussed Cesar’s project, and what we liked and disliked about it. Thanks for all your insightful thoughts and ideas on today’s  conversation.  

Words of the day

single file (noun) : a line of people, animals or things arranged one behind another                                                                                                                                                  The people in the grocery store stood in a single file waiting to check out and pay for their food.

lounge (verb) : to sit or lie in a relaxed way : to spend time resting or relaxing     Tom said he spent most of his vacation lounging by the pool and reading.   

cookout (noun) : a meal or party at which food is cooked and served outdoors     The Fourth of July is a great time to have a cookout  and celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

   Remember to enjoy each moment

and relax and practice!