Time And Place For Fathers And Daughters

Hi Everyone,

Today we started off with a review of  where and when. Where is used to reflect place and when is used to reflect time.  

For example – When does the movie start? Where is the movie playing? and I know where you went to college, but, I don’t know whenThen we looked at examples of when used to join a modifying clause , for example, The day when the concert takes place is Sunday. (the when clause modifies “the day”). Same goes for where to modify a place , for example, The site where the concert takes place is Boston Common. Next we reviewed where/when clauses with at which , in which, and on which  – here’s the work sheet with the two practices we did in class Answers Practice When and Where 

Since this Sunday, June 21st, is the first day of summer and Fathers Day, we discussed what some traditions and celebrations take place around the globe. Today’s topic is about fathers and daughters. We looked at some images from a film titled “Father and Daughter” and tried to imagine what the narrative or story of the film might be. Then we watched the film, take another look at it here 

After watching the film, we discussed the themes and symbols of the film. We also discussed the production of the film, the setting, simple sketches, and use of color and sound. We talked about the emotions of longing , loss, persistence and love. Great job everyone! Words of the day

crease (noun) : a line or mark made by folding or pressing something (such as cloth or a piece of paper)                                                                                                        He ironed his pants to make the creases sharp.

scrape (noun) : a mark or injury that is caused by something rubbing against something else                                                                                                                                   I got a scrape on my knee when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk yesterday.

gig (noun) : {informal} a job for a musician, an actor, etc.                                              Pete and his rock band finally got a gig playing at that new nightclub in Somerville.

Remember to relax and practice!!