This And That

Hi Everyone,

On this beautiful last Friday in May, we started off by reviewing the demonstrative articlesthis , that, these and those, using them as pronouns and adjectivesFor example, This book is mine. (adjective) and  This is mine.(pronoun)    { Remember to use this/these for things that are close by or near, and to use that/those for things that are far away.}                                    We practiced using this dialogue between two guys, Jack and Eric who are shopping for jeans, you can read it here Shopping for Jeans Answers .

Then we took a look at some common expressions using this and that:                                   1. That’s it! – said when finding something                                                                         2. That’s all – means something is finished                                                                         3. That’s all right – usually said after someone apologizes, also                                          means don’t worry                                                                                                             4. That’s a wrap – also used to mean that something is finished                                     5. This, that, and the other – used when we want to be vague about                             something (can be impolite)   

Ok, now onto today’s topic – What is that?  We looked at some images from the film titled “What is That?” and tried to describe what we saw, who are the characters, what is their relationship, what are they doing and why are they doing it. You all did a great job presenting your descriptions and story lines! Well done!!  We then watched the film (which is in Greek with English subtitles).

After watching, we discussed the message of the film, the emotions, the symbols, and how we relate to the film. Thanks everyone for sharing your impressions and feelings.

Words of the day

rest area (noun) : an area next to the highway where people can stop to rest, use the bathroom, get food, get gas, etc.                                                                                Many rest areas along the Mass Pike will be busy during this summer, because lots of people will be driving out to the Berkshires for vacation.                                        

commemorate (verb) : to do something special in order to remember and honor an important event or person                                                                                         Memorial Day is when we commemorate all the fallen soldiers and veterans of wars, past and present. 

 blob (noun) : {somewhat informal} a usually small amount of something thick and wet                                                                                                                                                 I like to put just a blob of ketchup on my burger. Yummy!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Remember to relax and practice!!