A Look at 30 Seconds In The Future

Hi Everyone,

Conditional sentences, phrases and connectors are the things that make life interesting. For example If only I had more time, I could learn to play the piano  ; Whether or not it rains, I’m walking home from work today I’ll never get the hang of English unless I relax and practice . These underlined words are called conditional connectors and can sometimes be confusing.  Take a look at this exercise we did today using these and other connectors Review and Practice of Conditional Connectors

Ok, now onto today’s topic – Time. We watched this calming video to introduce today’s topic, which many of you guessed right away. Nice job! 

The “time” we talked about today was future time – in fact being able to see into the next 30 seconds of your life. We watched a video called “On Time” about two random guys who meet in an airport terminal, and take an interest in a briefcase that when opened allows you to see 30 seconds into the future. The film presents some interesting possibilities for both these guys, Frank Martins and Arthur. We talked about the theme of the film – is having future knowledge a good thing or not? What would have changed if Arthur had not acted on his advance knowledge of the future? Did he make the right or wrong decision? We discussed some alternative endings to the film. Thanks for all your ideas today. Here’s the film 

Lastly, we looked at some common expressions using time and had a chance to ask these our fellow classmates these questions below:

  Time Questions and Expressions

  1. Do you know anybody who never arrives on time?
  2. What do you like doing in your free time?
  3. What gadgets help you save time?
  4. Do you ever waste time?
  5. Have you ever had too much time on your hands?
  6. Do you think that time is money?
  7. Do you think time heals all wounds?
  8. When was the last time you had a really good time?
  9. Do you agree that time flies when you’re having fun?

Words of the day

crumb (noun) : a very small piece of food                                                                                After eating her morning toast, there were crumbs all over the breakfast table.

thumb (noun) : the short, thick finger on the side of your hand                                    While I was slicing the bread, I accidentally sliced my thumb. Ouch!                                 

succumb (verb) : to stop trying to resist something                                                           Lots of teenagers succumb to peer pressure to be accepted and may do things like smoke cigarettes.   

Here are a couple of idioms with “thumb”                                                                          1.)all thumbs : extremely clumsy or awkward                                                                    2.)rule of thumb : a method of doing something that is based on experience and common     sense rather than exact calculations                                                                                   3.)stick out like a sore thumb : to be very noticeable in a bad way                           4.)twiddle your thumbs : to rotate your thumbs which indicates doing nothing or wasting        time                                                                                                                               5.)under someone’s thumb : under someone’s control or influence      

                                                                                                                                                                           Have a great Memorial Day weekend.              

I’ll see you all back in class May 29th.    Remember to relax and practice!!!   


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