American Dreaming

Hi Everyone,

 On this perfect spring day, we began class with conjunctions. We talked about coordinating conjunctions – for, and , nor, but, or, yet, so. The easiest way to remember these is with the acronym fanboys (which is the first letter of each of the coordinating conjunctions). Use coordinating conjunctions to join two parts of a sentence.

 Next we talked about subordinating conjunctions which are used to join a dependent clause to a main (or independent) clause in a complex sentence. Some examples are:

Don’t let this confuse you, here is the practice exercise we did together in class Conjunctions Practice and Review.

Next we began out discussion of today’s topic – The American Dream. First we talked about what comes to mind when we see the word “America”. Then we looked at four images – Christopher Columbus ; Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”; Statue of Liberty; and President Barack Obama and decided which ones we preferred, and which one represented America. Then we read some quotes about the American dream from various perspectives. We followed this with a short video about how American define the American dream, watch it here- 

One thing we noticed is some arrogance in the attitudes of some of the people and a shift from material goods to more humanistic dreams as the economy weakens. Next we all took some time to think about what is my American dream – how do I feel living here, what are my goals and how am I going to accomplish my goals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, goals and aspirations. Finally we took a look at this video The America Poem written by Branden Wellington. Branden’s poem was written to motivate and inspire other people not to get caught up in our differences, our past and daily lives, but, to share the global importance of having gratitude and American pride. Take a look at his poem here- 

After watching this we talked about Branden’s openness and honesty in his lyrics.

Words of the day

nocturnal (adjective) : active mainly during the night                                                        We can often see bats flying in the night sky, since they are nocturnal animals.

joint (noun) : a point where two bones meet in the body : (informal) a cheap bar or club : (slang) prison or jail                                                                                                 Lots of college students in Boston go to local joints to have a few beers with their friends. 

sample (noun) : a small amount of something that gives you information about the thing it was taken from : a small amount of something that is given to people to try                                                                                                                                      I like shopping at Trader Joes because they always have yummy samples of their food for you to try before you buy it. 

                                     Remember to relax and practice!