Hi Everyone,

 Today we explored the world of superstitions and luck – what do they mean, what are symbols, and when do we need luck. We looked at the meanings of some superstitions first, here is what we did in class Where Do Superstitions Come From  Then we took a look at this story about a guy who found something worthwhile A Lucky Find .       

Finally we discussed what luck means to us and what things bring us luck from rainbow to rabbits feet to special routines , clothing and food. Certain numbers and days of the week are lucky, and don’t forget, 4 leaf clovers. 

We watched this short animated film Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou , about an unlucky boy who meets a lucky girl and what happens to them. Watch the video here and see if you can identify all the good and back luck symbols 

Ok, now I have a question for you all to answer “By the end of today, what would you wish to happen?” Before we shared our responses we watched this short video in which random people in New Orleans, LA were asked this same question – Fifty People One Question : New Orleans  

After watching the film we revealed our wishes, thanks everyone for sharing and contributing to the discussion!

Words of the day

yawn (verb) : to open your mouth wide while taking in breath usually because you are tired or bored                                                                                                                      The professor’s lecture was so boring that all the students were yawning in class.

collapse (verb) : to break apart and fall down suddenly                                                  The earthquake in Nepal has caused lots of buildings and homes to collapse, making this a terrible tragedy.

apply (verb) : to ask formally for something (such as a job, admission to school, a bank account, citizenship, etc.) usually in writing                                            If you want to apply for that job, I’d suggest you fill out the application as soon as you can.     

Good luck y’all, and remember to relax and practice!   


              Watch the Kentucky Derby horse race Saturday May 2nd at 6:20pm                                          and see who the lucky winner will be!