WOW! It’s A Mania!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was all about adding some emotion to our conversation, starting with Uuh..what was that again? Oh yeah, interjections! Interjections are short emotional words or phrases that are inserted , usually, before a sentence. Whew! I’m glad I remembered all of that!  We reviewed some common interjections and then practiced them together in class. Lots of these interjections are slang, and used in informal or casual speech. Lots of them are just sounds, not words. Lots of them are personal. But, they add emotion to our conversation and make English a little more interesting. Here is the practice we did together in class  Interjection Practice with Answers. Here is a list of commonly used interjections  List of Common Interjections.

Ok, now on to yesterday’s topic – Manias!!!!! First we started out with a definition of mania – a very strong interest in something which uses up a lot of your time and energy. A mania can also be described as an obsession; passion; infatuation; compulsion; urge; and preoccupation. We talked about manias in American culture over the years, including dance marathons, running marathons, Beatlemania, Flash mob dances, iPhone mania, the ALS ice bucket challenge, and Red Sox mania. We discussed people’s behaviors and are these healthy or not. Then we watched this video in which Jay Walker talks about the world’s English Mania .

After watching we discussed Jay’s notion that English is being “pulled” and not “pushed” and the English is the language of opportunity. Then we talked about the many viral videos present today. What causes them to go viral and why??? Is this our present day mania???  We watched this funny video in which Kevin Allocca, the trends manager at YouTube, talks why videos go viral and this new trend in pop culture. 

We discussed which videos we watch and why, and the whole idea of the viral video mania, where millions of people watch a certain video…  is it good or bad?? Or just something inevitable with the internet and social media today??

Words of the day

bulk up (phrasal verb) : to gain weight often by becoming more muscular            She’s been trying to bulk up and improve her upper body stamina by going to the gym.

trivial (adjective) : not important                                                                                              Compared to world poverty and other serious health issues, our problems seem trivial.

anxiety (noun) : fear or nervousness about what might happen                                    With all the stress of a full time job and two kids to take care of, she always has a constant feeling of anxiety.

Well Hey Everybody, Remember To Relax and Practice!