Questions and Secrets

Hi Everyone,

Today we started with a review of questions – asking questions; subject and object questions; and direct and indirect questions. When we ask questions we usually use question words like who, what, when, where, why, how, etc. At the end of a question we use a and our voices go up. Subject questions are used when we want to ask about the subject of a sentence (Who won the basketball game?) And object questions are used to ask about the object of a question ( What did they win?) Lastly, direct questions are used to find out information (What time is it?) and indirect questions are used when we want to ask in a more polite or formal manner (Could you tell me what time it is?). Take another look at the practice we did in class today QUESTIONS Practice

We ask all kinds of questions for all kinds of reasons, sometimes we want information or facts, weather, time , directions, instructions, gossip, and sometimes we are told secrets. We discussed what are secrets, who tells secrets and why. Who do we tell secrets to?? Do we need to have secrets?? Then we took at lot at this short video Your Secret – as we watched it we tried to figure out the message of the film and whose secret is it anyway…..  

Here is a copy of the film’s transcript for you to read along with the film Your Secret Transcript

Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas about this video and the topic of secrets.

Words of the day

smudge (verb) : to make a dirty mark, spot, streak, etc. on something                         Little kids usually smudge the walls with their dirty hands.

prickly (adjective) : having many sharp points                                                                      In many of the deserts in Arizona, there are lots of prickly cactus bushes.      

fuzzy (adjective) : covered with short, soft hairs, fur, etc.                                                Tommy’s favorite toy, his teddy bear, is nice and fuzzy. He sleeps with his fuzzy  teddy bear every night.     

Remember to relax and practice!

 Enjoy this nice Spring weekend!!!