What’s The Story?

Hi Everyone,

Today we discussed personality traits and characteristics. What sort of people are we? How do we describe our character? First we talked about general personality traits, like, funny, smart, energetic, realistic, caring, empathetic, and greedy. Next we took a look at our birth dates and which sign of the Zodiac they fall into. We looked at negative and positive personality traits associated with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac and selected two traits that are true about each of us.

Today’s topic was “What’s the story?” and using two photographs of two individuals we created their characteristics and lifestyles. In small groups we looked at either Picture A or Picture B and gave each individual a name and some other characteristics. Then we gave each one a personality and a life. Finally, we put Picture A with Picture B and came up with the combined story of the individuals. In case you want another look here are  Group A picture and Group B picture

You all did a wonderful job , and came up with some very imaginative scenarios for these two individuals. Thanks for your creativity and hard work!!

Words of the day

imitate (verb) : to make or do something the same way as (something else) : to copy (someone’s or something’s behavior, sound, appearance, etc.)                    Children often imitate their parents.  

initiate (verb) : to cause the beginning of (something) : to start or begin (something)                                                                                                                                           The university initiated a thorough investigation into the alleged cheating scandal that was discovered after final exams last semester.                                                                            

irritate (verb) : to make (someone) impatient, angry, or annoyed                               Other diners at the restaurant were really irritated by the slow service and rude waiters.    

Really nice work today everybody, keep it up!                       

Remember to relax and practice.