Do You Hear Me?

Hi Everyone,

Our focus today was on sounds, noises, and hearing each other. Since every conversation has a speaker and a listener, we concentrated on sounds in our every day lives. We listened to crickets chirping , snoring, police siren, applause, rain, kids laughing, restaurant ambiance and conversation, and a sigh and then a sneeze – achoo! Then  we took a look at some words and their “sounds” – roar, screech, and fizz. We also looked at what sounds animals make. Here is the review and practice we did in class together, take another look through it What Sound Does It Make .

We talked about what sounds we like and which we dislike and why. We discussed if sound can help us to become more productive at work, and home. Here is a list of different “sound” words, with their meanings and an example WAYS OF MAKING SOUNDS .

Now, on to today’s topic – Do You Hear Me?   We agreed that the most common form of conversation today is on the phone. First, we listened to a very short film and tried to identify the sounds we hear in the film and then we listened again, and while pausing at certain points during the film we tried to figure out what was happening in the film. You all did a wonderful job of identifying the sounds and then figuring out what was happening in the film. Here is the film for you to watch: 

The basic story of the film is about a woman who forgot her phone, and we see what her life is like while her friends and everyone else is using their phones. Although the film shows a negative and anti-social view of phone use today, we agreed that phones provide many positive uses like keeping in touch with people far away, as a great educational tool and resource, and very useful for getting information on the spot. So, although we all think we over use phones, it’s hard not to!

Words of the day:

beacon (noun) : a strong light that can be seen from far away and is used to help guide ships, airplanes, etc.                                                                                                   Many sailors rely on beacons from light houses to get them safely to shore at night.

culinary (adjective) : used in or relating to cooking {always used before a noun}          She loves food and decided to go the culinary  school to fulfill her dream.  


dish out (phrasal verb) : to serve (food)                                                                                    That new restaurant has become so popular and dishes out  more than 100 meals a night!

Let’s try to hear one another, and, remember to relax and practice!!