Is Wisdom Abstract?

Hi Everyone,

Last Friday’s class started off with a quick review of using “the”. We looked at some typical uses including using “the” when we are talking about things or people in general (for example – I like cats and dogsno “the”) ; when we are talking about particular people or things (for example –The food at that new restaurant is great!); “the” + adjective (for example – During this cold weather the homeless need special attention.); and “the” + some nationality adjectives (for example – The French are passionate about food and wine.)  Just click on this underlined worksheet for some practice Practice Using “the”

Okay, now onto the day’s topic – Is Wisdom Abstract?  We first looked at the following adjectiveswise, intelligent, optimistic, sociable, kind, generous, and decent. Next we listed the corresponding abstract nouns : wisdom, intelligence, optimism, sociability, kindness, generosity, and decency. We talked about these characteristics and which is most important to a happy life. Then we discussed what is wisdom, and who we consider to be wise people. We watched this video Wisdom in which well-known people from various backgrounds talk about what wisdom means to them. 

We talked about some of the quotes in the video and generated a list of adjectives and nouns that the people in the video used to describe wisdom. Well done everyone!  We looked at some proverbs about wisdom and discussed them. Lastly, we agreed that the definitions and descriptions of wisdom would probably not change much in the future.

Words of the day

cross paths (idiom) : when people meet each other at a time that was not planned or expected                                                                                                                         I didn’t think I’d see anyone from my hometown here in Boston, but, then I crossed paths with with one of my friends from my old neighborhood.

tie the knot (idiom) : {informal} to get married                                                                        You’ve been engaged for almost a year, when are you going to tie the knot ?

shallow (adjective) : having a small distance to the bottom from the surface ; not caring about or involving serious  or important things                                                The shallow end of the swimming pool at the YMCA  is only three feet deep.


Remember to relax and practice!