A Couple Of Lovers

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Yesterday we began class with a review of collective nouns – which are nouns we give to a group of nouns to refer to them as one entity. For example, a bunch of grapes or a team of baseball players. There are also specific names given for certain groups of nouns to make things more interesting and sometimes funny. For example a gaggle of geese  or a host of sparrows. Here are the collective nouns we reviewed 16 Collective Nouns

The topic yesterday was – Love: Communication or Chance. We discussed how we communicate love, from emotions and feelings to giving gifts, writing letters and going out on dates. Then we watched the film Paperman which is a black and white silent film about a young man and woman who are attracted to one another. The film shows the young man’s imaginative ways to communicate his love to the young woman. Take a look at the film here –

After we watched the film we discussed if the couple would ever get together and other future possibilities. The next film we watched was Swimming Pool, also about a chance encounter between two very unusual characters, take another look here and enjoy the surprise ending! 

Most of you preferred Swimming Pool over Paperman and we agreed that love is complicated!!

Words of the day

aesthetic (noun) : a set of ideas or opinions about beauty or art                                The design of  the Boston Public Library reflects a traditional and historical aesthetic.

virtuoso (noun) : a person who does something in a very skillful way                        She gave a virtuoso performance at Symphony Hall last night.

whiz (noun) [informal] : someone who is very good at something                                    Even at his young age, he is a real whiz at computers!

                   Thanks everyone for coming out on such a cold day yesterday!              Happy Valentine’s Day


Remember to Relax and Practice!