Beauty Is A State Of Mind

Hi Everyone,

We started of Friday’s class with a review of abstract nouns, which are the opposite of concrete nouns. Abstract nouns are nouns that we can not see, hear, taste, feel or smell. For example – freedom, honesty, and justice. Concrete nouns are nouns that we can see, hear, taste, feel or smell, for example, book, table, and banana. Abstract nouns refer to ideas, concepts, attributes, qualities and emotions.  Some typical suffixes for abstract nouns are -tion, -ism, -ity, -ment, -hood, -age, -acy, -ness, -ship, and -ance.  Here’e the practice exercise we did in class Abstract Nouns Practice and Review  Then we looked at a list of adjectives that describe personal characteristics and added the abstract nouns , take another look at the completed list Adjective and Abstract Noun List

OK, now onto Friday’s topic – Beauty is ………     We started our discussion by coming up with a definition of “beauty” and then we discussed “what makes a person beautiful?”  Then we watched the video Beauty Patch , which is basically an experiment in which several women wear a “patch” which is designed to make them feel more beautiful, and during the two week experiment the women record how they are feeling. 

After we watched the video and discovered that there was nothing in the beauty patch, we examined the concept that “beauty is a state of mind”. Many of you shared your thoughtful insights on beauty, and social pressures to be beautiful. Once we discovered that this video was produced by the large corporation, Dove, some people thought it was good marketing, but, maybe changed some opinions about the message of the video.

So, in this beauty obsessed culture , we appreciate inner-beauty and our own self-esteem. We then watched this music video “Try” by popular singer, Colbie Caillat 

We talked about Colbie’s video and the Dove video, what we liked and disliked and the messages in these two videos. Great job everyone on contributing to this conversation!

Words of the day

wacky (adjective) : amusing and very strange                                                                      Sometimes he has some wacky ideas about how to spend time indoors during a snow storm.

trophy (noun) : an object (such as a large cup) that is given as a prize for winning a competition                                                                                                                     After winning the Superbowl, the Patriots lifted the Lombardy trophy up high so that all the fans in the stadium could see it.

elusive (adjective) : hard to find or capture ; hard to understand, define, or remember                                                                                                                                             For many people, love can be very elusive.

Remember to relax and practice!