Hobbies and Books

Hi Everyone,

Glad you were all able to come to class today, even with all the snow around after Tuesday’s big storm! Well we began today’s class talking about expressions used to express likes and dislikes.                                                                                                                                  

But why are we reviewing these like and dislike expressions, because we then talked about our hobbies and free-time activities. We created a long list from dancing, hiking, walking, doing crafts, sewing, cooking, reading, working out, fishing, swimming, gardening, playing musical instruments, hunting, playing chess and checkers, racing cars, and skating. We talked about the emotional, intellectual and health benefits of hobbies.

Then we moved on to today’s topic of reading and books. We discussed how reading makes us feel and what types of books we like to read. We wondered what happens at night in a bookstore after it is closed….. and watched this fun video about a bookstore at night after closing 

We saw lots of fun things going on in the bookstore! And spent some time talking about the last image in the video “There’s nothing quite like a real book.”

We talked about technology and how it is affecting books and reading. Most of us prefer printed books rather than e-books. We like the feel, touch, and smell of printed books. Although there are advantages to e-books no one really seemed very enthusiastic about them. Next we took a look at this video about the e-book titled Our Choice by Al Gore. This book is innovative in that it has interactive maps, videos, and a whole lot of cool features. Take a look at the software developer of Push Pop Press as he introduces this book to us 

 We saw that this sort of application to book publishing may be great for science and travel books, but, maybe not for fiction books. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, comments and ideas on today’s conversation!

Words of the day:

aspire (verb) : to want to have or to achieve something                                                    She really aspires to get her college degree so she can start a career in computer design.

rustic (adjective) : of or relating to people who live in the country                               That Italian restaurant has such a rustic  feel to it and even has a stone floor and colorful murals on the wall. I feel like I’m in Tuscany!

shred (verb) : to tear or cut something into long, thin strips                                             I shredded the paper I had been reading from, and then threw it into the trash can.

Please keep warm this weekend and remember to relax and practice and read!!