Heroes and Celebrities

Hi Everyone,

On Friday we started off with a discussion about heroes  and named a few – Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Batman, Superman, John Lennon, Ernest Hemingway, and some others. Then we listed characteristics of heroes – bravery, selflessness, strength, committed, altruistic, and more. Next we discussed celebrities and named a few Kim Kardashian, Hugh Grant, Tom Brady, Steve Jobs, and others. We also listed the characteristics of celebrities – rich, attractive, narcissistic, arrogant and more. We concluded that our list of heroes characteristics were human values and the celebrities characteristics were superficial values. 

Next we took a look at some slides of people and discussed if they were a hero or a celebrity and why or why not. Here are the slides for you to go through again and you can decide if these people are heroes or celebrities. Also we looked at the 2014 Time Magazine Person of the Year candidates and the winner, which are also included in these slides Celebrity or Hero

Lastly, we talked about our heroes and watched this film The Making of Hero, which is a film about the artist, Miguel Endara, and his unusual portrait of his hero , his father. Take a look at the interesting technique that Miguel uses to create the portrait.

We concluded that we do not have to be extraordinary to be heroes and that there are lots of everyday heroes in our lives who give us hope and something to believe in! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and insights into the topic.

Words of the day:

panorama (noun) : a full and wide view of something                                                       If you go up to the top of the Prudential Building, you will see a panorama of the city of Boston.

chow down (phrasal verb) : to eat                                                                                              Right after class, let’s all go to Panera and chow down! I’m starving!

lobby (noun) : a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building                                                                                                                                                   Let’s meet in the lobby of the library and then go get some coffee.

Remember to relax and practice!

And, you are all heroes to me!!