Human Rights and Graffiti

Hi Everyone,

We began Friday’s class with a look at four pairs of words that are significantly changed when we add an “e”. The form of the word, the meaning of the word, and the pronunciation all change when an “e” is added to the end of the word.  The words were – breath (noun) and breathe (verb) bath (noun) and bathe (verb)loath (adjective) and loathe  (verb) – and, teeth (pl. noun) and teethe (verb). Here’s the practice worksheet we did in class with the answers Which one Answers

Then we moved on to then topic of Graffiti and Human Rights. First we discussed “graffiti” is it street art or vandalism?? We talked about what messages the artists are trying to express through graffiti – some of it is self-expression and creativity and some may be political or social messages. Here are some slides we looked at and the last two are of red carnations which symbolize hope, love, and peace. Graffiti – Street Art  Then we talked about human rights and abuses of human rights. We watched this short video made by Amnesty International to celebrate their 50th anniversary of protecting human rights. The red carnation is seen throughout the video and symbolizes hope and survival. 

We discussed the film and then watched this short video about human rights. 

Lastly we looked at some pictures of graffiti related to human rights – the right of privacy; the right of freedom of expression; and freedom from oppression and war; freedom of religion ; and other human rights. Well done everyone!

This was a serious topic and to lighten things up we had a brief discussion about winter activities from sledding to snow shoveling to warming up by a fire.  


Words of the day

flurry (noun) : a brief and light snowfall                                                                                 It has been so cold this January, that we’ve had some flurries, especially at night.

versatile (adjective) : able to do many different things                                                     These new smart phones are so versatile, they can take photos as well as send emails!

apathy (noun) : the feeling of not having much emotion or interest                            Many people have shown a surprising apathy about some important human rights issues.

Remember to relax and practice!