Imagine If You Had An Extra Day In The Week………

Happy New Year Everyone,

Well we were greeted this morning with a snowy start to the day and some cold January temperatures! To warm things up we took a look at a few new English words that were added to the dictionary in 2014 – the words are hashtag (noun) ; live-tweet (verb) ; listicle (noun) ; five-second rule (noun) ; food coma (noun) ; bikeable (adjective) ; vape (verb) ; crowdfund (verb) ; first world problem (noun) ; and some abbreviations – SMH; YOLO; and DIY.  Just in case you need to review these words and their meanings (I know I do) here are the slides we looked at in class 12 New English Words Added to the Dictionary

OK, now onto to today’s topic – Everyday Life. We opened up the discussion with a chat about daily activities that we typically do in a day – like going to work or school ; household chores – shopping, cooking and cleaning ; taking care of family; taking some time to relax – read, watch tv; talking on the phone, and going online. Then we got into pairs and each pair asked each other 3 questions about their daily life. Once everyone felt they knew something about their partner they had to answer this question “If you had an extra day in the week, what would you do?” Most of us said we would do special hobbies like dancing, hiking, or spend more time with children, family and friends. Next we watched a short video called “Everyday” where a young couple imagines what they would do if they had an extra day in the week .  Take another look at that video here 

Imagine……one extra day. Think about it. What would you do?

After the video we talked about the ideas the couple had and then talked about some other things we might do with an extra day in the week. Lastly, we all contributed our ideas to what we might call this day – freedomday, SOSday, escapeday, awesomeday, loveday, cultureday, enjoyableday, funday, and a few others. Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and ideas on this topic.

Words of the day:

from scratch (idiom) : from a point at which nothing has been done yet : (in food cooking) using ingredients you have prepared yourself rather than with a prepared mixture bought from a store                                                                               Instead of ordering a pizza from the Italian restaurant, I made the pizza at home from scratch, and it was delicious!

cascade (verb) : to flow or hang down in large amounts                                                     There are some beautiful waterfalls in Vermont that cascade over the Green Mountains.

deserted (adjective) : left empty, abandoned                                                                           It was so cold in Boston yesterday that the streets were deserted , while everyone stayed indoors to keep warm.

Great to see you all today!

Remember to relax and practice!!

Keep warm and bundle up