What Should We Do To Avoid Procrastination?

Hi Everyone,

Today we started with a review of modal verbs – can, may, must, would, should, could, will, shall, and ought to. Modal verbs are auxiliary verbs and always require another verb in a sentence. For example – I can go shopping.  We use modal verbs to express things like – ability, obligation, possibility, permission, advice, suggestion, strong belief and request or offer. Take another look at this practice and review we did together today Modal Verbs Review and Practice Today we are going to focus on the modal verb should/shouldn’t since we will be giving advice. As a warm up we did this practice on giving advice using should/shouldn’t Practice 2 : Should Shouldn’t

Okay, now onto today’s topic – procrastination. We discussed what the word means and came up with the basic definition that procrastination is not doing something today, but putting it off until tomorrow……… tomorrow, tomorrow. We watched this animated comic called “Procrastination” 

Sadly, the poor guy in this film never got his “stuff” done because he was busy procrastinating. We talked about how we procrastinate and put off doing things that may be difficult, complicated, unpleasant, or just not fun to do.

 Next we watched this video also called “Procrastination” in which the narrator tells us about more than 35 activities which we do to procrastinate. See if there are any things in the video that you do when you procrastinate getting something done.

Lastly, we discussed –  what advice would we give to someone to help them procrastinate less. Some advice was to start with small things first; have a plan; prioritize your to do list; get up early and do the things first: stay focused; and reward yourself when you have successfully completed a task. Nice job everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on procrastination!

Words of the day:

awkward (adjective) : not graceful : clumsy                                                                                        I think I may need a few more dance lesson, I’m still pretty awkward on the dance floor!

professionalism (noun) : the skill, good judgement, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well                                                           The professionalism of the staff at her dentist’s office made her feel less nervous about having a tooth pulled.

hyperactive (adjective) : extremely active or too active                                                            I think we can agree that most children can be hyperactive around the Christmas holiday, waiting for Santa to deliver their gifts!

Remember to relax and practice!  

And……get your stuff done today!!!