Communication and Discovery

Hi Everyone,

Today still feels a little like a holiday, so we started off with a basic review of two verb tenses – present simple and present continuous.                             Present simple is used for things that generally happen all the time like – I study English or I read novels.                                                                                              Present continuous is used when things happen less often but in present  time – I am studying English in Boston or We are shopping for bargains on Black Friday. Take a quick look at today’s practice of present simple and present continuous Present Tenses Practice

Today’s topic was communication and discovery. By discovery we mean finding your own voice. We discussed the notion of finding your own voice – what is it; how do we find it; and why do we want to find it. We examined and talked about several quotes from people on this idea of finding your own voice, being independent in your thought and having the courage to believe in your voice. We tried to watch this video called Whistleless about a bird trying to find his voice , sorry it did not load up for us to watch but take a look at it here and I hope you enjoy it! 

Next we discussed finding your own voice in our lives and in our learning languages. It can be a struggle and frustrating to learn a language, but we all agreed that once you make up your mind to succeed, and you work hard, you will succeed!!

Words of the day:

ripple (noun) : a small wave on the surface of a liquid                                                    Each raindrop that fell into the puddle, made a small ripple.

blaze (verb) : to burn very brightly and intensely                                                                 The sun blazed down on us when we were at the beach last July.

graze (verb) : (of an animal) to eat grass or other plants that are growing in a field, or on a farm.  : (of a person) to eat small amounts or portions of food           The cows grazed in the field all afternoon.

Remember to relax and practice!

********Just a reminder no class next week December 5th. There will be class on December 12th. See you then********