Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a day to remember things from our past, and we started out with a review of the use and meaning of used to and would.                     Would is used to express something that was routine or typical behavior in the past. We also use would when we are telling a story. Here’s an example – Joe would call his family every Sunday, when he lived abroad.                             Used to is for when we talk about things that happened in the past but do not happen now, like a habit. Here’s an example – I used to  swim every morning. Take another look at the practice we did in class Would and Used to Review

Yesterday’s topic was Memories , and as an introduction to the topic we watched the Phil Collins video Do You Remember 

We talked about memories, how we remember them, and what we remember. We focused on childhood memories and shared them with each other. Then we watched a video Apricot, which tells the story of a man and woman having coffee and then they discover that they used to be childhood friends. We wondered what would happen to the man and woman, would they become friends or lovers?? or never see each other again??

We discussed a few quotes about memory, here’s one of them “Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

Words of the day:

snoop (verb) : to look for private information about someone or something         Paparazzi like to snoop around and get gossip about celebrities in Hollywood.

stroll (verb): to walk slowly in a relaxed way                                                                       It’s usually a good idea to stroll after having a big Thanksgiving dinner.

stain (verb): to leave a mark on something                                                                           Please don’t put that hot cup of coffee down there, it might stain the table!

Remember to relax and practice!

***See you next week***