Making Our Choices

Hi Everyone,

Today we began with a basic review of pronouns – subject pronouns, object pronouns, and possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives. Starting with the sentence structure  subject + verb + object we were able to practice using different pronouns. Here is the chart of pronouns and practice we did in class Pronouns Review and Practice         

  Then we discussed ways to offer something to someone:                                             1. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?                                                 This is a common expression used for formal and informal conversation.           2. Do you want  another drink?                                                                                         This is also a common expression like the first one, but more informal.               3. How about going for a walk this afternoon?                                                       This is another informal way of asking someone if the would like something.      4.Who wants another piece of apple pie? or Who would like another piece          of apple pie?                                                                                                                            These are used when offering something to a group of people.

All of these questions have responses which are decisions or choices that we make. And this brings us to today’s topic – making choices.  We talked about other words that are similar to choices and came up with these – selections, options, opportunities, preferences, alternatives, possibilities, picks, probabilities, and decisions. The we discussed what choices we make in a day and in a lifetime and how we make choices. What happens when we have too many choices? Are we happier with lots of choices? Or are we overwhelmed with too many choices?  Is no choice a choice?? Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Then we tried to watch this video “Choice”  but the uploading was too slow and interrupted, so try watching it here 

We did read the poem that this video is based on, and you can read it again here CHOICE poem There are some helpful insights into making choices in life.

Words of the day:

hype (noun) : talk or writing that is meant to make people excited about something or someone                                                                                                                     Each time they introduce a new phone to the market, Apple spends a lot of money on hype.

exclusive (adjective) : not shared: available to only one person or group                  She attended an exclusive  private college in New York City.

exhaust (verb) : to use all of someone’s mental or physical energy : to tire out or wear out                                                                                                                                              His consistent bad behavior in class exhausted  the teacher.

Have a great weekend!

Remember to relax and practice!