Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today we started off with a look at complex prepositions, which are phrases of 2 or more words which have the same purpose as one-word prepositions. Some common examples are – next to , up to, and near to. Here’s the list of some complex prepositions and the review we did in class Complex Prepositions Practice & Review  Take another look at this classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” video and see how many of the complex prepositions you can find 

Okay, today’s topic is “where does our food come from?” – we identified sources of food such as animals, plants, the ocean, and all the paper and plastic wrappings our food comes packaged in. But in order to produce massive amounts of food, at affordable prices, and get them to stores quickly, there is a process used by large food manufacturers called factory farming. This is when intensive and extreme methods are used to grow plants, animals and other food sources quickly and cheaply. We agreed that this is not a good thing to do, and watched this video to see some types of factory farming and then what some alternatives might be. Watch the scarecrow in the film and how he changes from the start to the end of the film 

The film shows some factory farming processes and then the advantages of using fresh, quality ingredients. We discussed the messages of the film, and felt that it is a good idea to beware of what you are eating!

Happy Halloween !! We talked about Halloween traditions and symbols , here are the slides we looked at   Halloween Symbols Slide Show     We also talked about our plans for Halloween and other counties that celebrate this holiday. Thanks for contributing to the conversation!!  

Words of the day:

nightmare (noun) : a bad dream, a scary dream, a frightening dream                       I had such a nightmare last night that I woke up and screamed.

precarious (adjective) : not safe, strong, or steady                                                            Many people with precarious  health have to be careful during cold and flu season.

as American as apple pie (idiom) : typically American                                                    Going to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play baseball is as American as apple pie !



*** If you are looking for some fun and free stuff to do this weekend there is a free Halloween Organ Concert tonight (Friday 10/31) from 7:30-8:30 at Old South Church (Copley Square) and tomorrow (Saturday 11/1) there is a free tour from 1:00-2:00 of South Station (downtown Boston)***