Is Overuse of Technology Causing Us to FALL Apart???

Hi Everyone,

Well today is a perfect Fall day, cool and clear! We began today’s conversation with some of our feelings and emotions about the Fall season. We talked about what we like to do and what we like to eat during this time of year. We reviewed some seasonal activities and vocabulary – don’t forget that carved pumpkins turn into Jack O Lanterns at Halloween! Here are the slides we looked at with all the sights, activities, food and fun for this time of year  Features of Fall .

 All this talk about Fall led us to review some phrasal verbs with FALL. These can be tricky and have several meanings but here is the review and practice we did in class Practice Phrasal Verbs with FALL   

OK, now for today’s topic – Technology and Social Isolation. We talked about the role of technology in our lives and relationships. With all the conveniences of communicating with family and friends far away, and other advantages of technology, there is also the downside of losing personal face-to-face relationships with each other. Many studies have shown that overuse of technology has resulted in social anxiety and social isolation. We talked about how much we use technology in our own lives and why we use technology. For the most part we agreed that society is heading towards less personal interaction and more time with our technology. We watched this video called “Look Up” which is based on the poem by Gary Turk. Take another look at the video here  


We discussed the message of the film and our ideas about where this use of technology may take us in the future. Here is a copy of the written poem which may be helpful for you to follow along with the video Look Up by Gary Turk   Thank you all for contributing your special thoughts and ideas on this topic!!

Words of the day

debris (noun) : the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed                                   After the building was destroyed by a bomb, the debris was all over the city.

rocking chair (noun) : a chair that moves back and forth on rockers that are attached to its legs                                                                                                                                                             We have two rocking chairs in front of the fireplace in our living room.

road trip (noun) : a long trip in a car, truck, etc.                                                                                  Every summer vacation we take a road trip to the Green Mountains in Vermont.

 No class next week October 17th, but we will have class on October 24th

Remember to relax and practice and……don’t fall behind!!!!!!