Prepositions of Time and Symmetry

Hi Everyone,

It’s another beautiful Friday here in Boston! Today we began with a review of prepositions of time – for , during , while , from…to, and since These five prepositions are used with periods of time. Here are some quick tips on using these 5 propositions of time:

for – use with a specific period of time – We have been studying English for five months.

during – use with a noun – We have been studying English during the summer.

while – use with a subject + verb – While we vacationed in Boston, we also studied English. – use from + starting point and to + end point – We studied English from 10 a.m. to noon.

since – also use since + starting point – We have been living in Boston since 1998.

Review and practice these propositions by looking at the worksheets we did in class Time Prepositions Practice 1 & 2 and Time Prepositions Practice 3

Okay, onto today’s topic – Symmetry. We discussed what symmetry means – a similarity, a balance, a quality of something that has two halves that are of similar shape, size and appearance. We took the example of the word dark , which has an opposite word lightdark and light  -and a complementary word gloomy – dark and gloomy. Today’s video called Symmetry is a series of images that are opposites or compliments. Here is the list of some of the words expressed in the film’s images List of Word Images . Watch the film again along with the list of words 

We had a lively discussion on some of the images and some we really couldn’t figure out… 😦 . Next we looked at another film, similar to Symmetry, although this film called Split Screen actually tells a story. Thanks for all your insightful and creative thoughts and ideas on this film. Take another look at the film, and maybe you’ll come up with some other thoughts about the film’s message. 

Words of the day

chat (verb) : to talk with someone in a casual way                                                                            Tara chatted with her daughter-in-law yesterday about her grandchildren’s first day at school.

hit the books (idiom) : to study very hard or intensely                                                                    College students need to hit the books before final exams!

seminar (noun) : a meeting where you receive information ; a class offered to a small group of students at a college or university                                                                                      Some universities require students to attend seminars in their major field of study, before they graduate.

***Tomorrow, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is the Let’s Talk About Food festival in Copley Square, right outside the Library. There will be food demonstrations and cooking and all sorts of food things!! It’s free, so come and join the fun!**** 

Here’s a link to the schedule of events for tomorrow’s festival

Let’s Talk About Food Festival at Copley Square

Have a great weekend and remember to relax and practice!!