Have Something Done and Coping with Life

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful, sunny and breezy day here today! We started today’s class with a look at the phrase have something done. We studied these two sentences I cut my hair every month. and I have my hair cut every month. The basic difference is in the first sentence I cut my hair myself and in the second sentence someone else does it for me. The basic structure of the second sentence is have + object + past participle. Take another look at the practice we did in class here Have Something Done Practice.

Today’s topic was coping with life – we discussed in small groups how we feel and what we do when we are sad angry happy in love scared  calm confident frustrated nervous and tiredEach group presented their thoughts and ideas to the class. Very well done everyone!! Today’s video was about a woman Hailey who suffers from depression . Her way to cope with her depression was to take a photograph each day of something she was grateful for, over a year. Before we watched the film we all wrote down what we are grateful for…. Here’s the video about Hailey’s project, it is called 365 Grateful  

We discussed what the project taught Hailey and how it helped her cope with her depression. Then we shared our own personal experiences with using journals or diaries – written, videos, audios, photographs, or oral – and how they help us deal with life. Lastly we shared out thoughts on what we are grateful for and found common themes in being grateful for family, friends, and good health.  Namaste.

Words of the day

piggy bank (noun) : a container that is often shaped like a pig with a narrow opening in the top that is used for saving coins                                                                                                 When I was a child I had a piggy bank, where I saved up enough money to buy a pencil case for school.

influx (noun) : the arrival of a large number of people                                                                   Almost every day there is a large influx of people at Logan Airport.

ditch (noun) : a long narrow hole that is dug along a road, field, etc, and used to hold or move water                                                                                                                                          The road was slippery after the heavy rain storm and he drove into a ditch and had to be towed out.


************Tomorrow from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Copley Plaza (right outside the library) is the New England Indonesian Festival – there will be music and dance performances and lots more and it’s FREE**************

Have a great weekend and remember to relax and practice!!

Summer day at Copley Square