Senses and Disabilities

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we began with some expressions using the word WORLD. We discussed how the world is a very large place with lots of people, countries, oceans, and all sorts of other things. Using expressions with “world” emphasize and expand our vocabulary. Here’s the list we reviewed in class with the meanings WORLD Expressions and Meanings  . You all mean the world to me!

Next we talked about the number 5 and what things come in fives, like the number of Boston T lines; the month of May is the 5th month of the year; and the five basic food groups. Take a look at these slides for some more of your ideas What’s it all about number 5 . We ended up with the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. We talked about which is the most important sense, and then if we had to lose one which would it be. Thanks for sharing your interesting and thoughtful ideas on the subject.

Physical disabilities are treated differently in different countries and cultures, we talked about the American Disability Act here in the US and what it means for the disabled. When we talked about mental disabilities things got a little more complicated, and we shared our different opinions and experiences. We watched a video “Same But Different Theo’s Story” which is about a 10 yr old British boy who is visually impaired. Theo describes his life and how he copes with his disability. Take another look at the video here

Theo is a pretty amazing kid who lives his life with great confidence and enthusiasm, and just wants to go to school, play cricket, ride his bike and be with his friends and family.

Words of the day

doze off (phrasal verb) : to fall asleep especially for a short period of time                                  After having a very big lunch, she dozed off when she got back home.

toss and turn (idiom) : to move about and turn over in bed because you can’t fall asleep         Most of us toss and turn on Sunday nights, as we start to think about the work week ahead.

somnolent (adjective) : tired and ready to fall asleep; sleepy                                                         After an overnight flight to London, the somnolent travelers couldn’t wait to get to their hotel to take a nap.

Enjoy this great summer weekend!   Remember to relax and practice!

    And…..I’ll see you all in September!