Who Knows About Fate, Destiny and Serendipity?

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we started off looking at other ways to say “I don’t know”. We used some prompts and came up with 10 expressions for “I don’t know” and here’s the list Ways to Say “I don’t know”             

Next we talked about the topic of the day : Fate, Destiny, and Serendipity. We discussed what fate and destiny mean and gave some examples of fate and destiny in our lives. We talked about these 6 quotes from some famous people speaking about fate and destiny. Take another look at the quotes here  Fate and Destiny Quotes. Then we talked about serendipity. Several students looked up the word in their native language and gave us the meanings, and basically came up with a meaning for serendipity – finding something valuable or pleasant that you are not looking for. We looked at this trailer from the movie “Serendipity” where the characters discuss fate, destiny, and serendipity in their lives, watch it again here

     So while that movie trailer was all “Hollywood romance” we discussed how is serendipity found and experienced in today’s world with social media and all other technologies. We expressed opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of both losing and gaining serendipitous events in our lives. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and ideas! Then we watched this video about how technology is causing us to lose serendipity 

     Some of us agreed with the video and some did not, but we were able to talk about specific personal examples of serendipity.

Words of the day

bouquet (noun) : a bunch of flowers that are picked and often tied together                             On her wedding day, the bride carried a bouquet of pink and yellow roses.

scoop (noun) : a kitchen tool like a spoon, usually associated with ice cream : (informal) information about something that is important now or that is interesting to many people     Here’s the scoop on what’s happening around Boston this weekend.

on the go (idiom) : very active or busy                                                                                                Mary is a mother and full time elementary school teacher, I’d say she lives her life on the go.