Confusing Words and Honesty, Lies, and Deception

Hi Everyone,

 Well, it is another beautiful, warm, sunny day! Today we began with a discussion of confusing words – words that may sound the same, are spelled differently, but, have different meanings…..what???? That’s why they are confusing! We reviewed a dozen confusing words together. Here is the slide show we looked at in class A Dozen Confusing Words       Take another look at this practice worksheet we did in class using these confusing words Dozen Confusing Words Practice  – don’t be fooled!

Today’s topic was Honesty, Lies and Deceptions. We started with honesty, what does it mean, and how do we view it in society. We talked about double standards, and other issues related to honesty. Then we moved on to lies, what are lies, what about “white lies” and discussed who tells lies; why; and when is it ok to tell lies. Lastly, we talked about deception , what does it mean. It means the act of making someone believe something that is not true. We talked about how we are deceived in life by friends, spouses, parents and even mass media – advertisers. And then how we may deceive other people for our own self interests, including money, and other personal advantages. Then we watched this video about truth, lies and deception by Marco Tempest, who is a magician. The video is called The Magic of Truth and Lies (and iPods), enjoy!  

This is a great video that shows how deception is a part of life, and what motivates people to use deception.  Marco Tempest talks about art as being the greatest deception of all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions on the video and Marco’s ideas on lies and deception!

Words of the day

visible (adjective) : able to be seen; obvious                                                                                     The Brooklyn Bridge was not visible today because of all the fog.

smoothie (noun) : a cold drink that is made of fruit or vegetables mixed with milk, yogurt, or juice                                                                                                                                                    My favorite type of smoothie is mango, it gives me energy and tastes great!    

roughly (adverb) : not exactly but close in number, quality, meaning, etc.                                   There are roughly 8 million people living in New York City.

Hope to see you all next week, and remember to relax and practice!