How Often Do You Tattoo??

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we opened up our class with adverbs of frequency – in other words, how often do you do something. We talked about frequency adverbs and how to use them in conversation and in writing. Take another look at these slides for a quick review Adverbs of Frequency

Now onto the topic of the day – tattoos. From the initial reaction of most of us, we generally do not like tattoos, and have almost never tattooed! We discussed the different cultural and social aspects of tattoos. We talked about who gets tattoos and why.  Are tattoos body art, self expression, or just a personal fashion statement? Or are they just plain ugly? We discussed it all. We watched this video about the history of tattooing and how tattoos are made… and removed.

Then we got into real tattoos and looked at this image of a collection of tattoos on different parts of people’s bodies and the different messages . Some of us felt that it would be very smart to think very seriously about getting tattooed, because they are difficult to remove. Most of us thought ankles or shoulders or backs are good places for a tattoo. Then we agreed that a small size tattoo, like the size of a strawberry, would be the most appropriate (although a back would be a great place for a large tattoo). Lastly we took a look at some famous celebrities and their tattoos and guessed what the messages of their tattoos might be, here are the slides Whose Tattoo?  This was a fun discussion, thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts ,opinions, and insight!!

Words of the day

soar (verb) : to fly high; to increase very quickly in amount or price                                          The eagle always soars high in the sky.

flee (verb) : to run away from danger                                                                                               The family quickly fled the burning building.

accompany (verb) : to go somewhere with someone                                                                      She often accompanies me to lunch after class on Fridays   


******Enjoy this weekend’s annual free Summer Arts Boston concerts at Copley Square                        and don’t forget about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night free performances in the                                                                  Boston Common*******************


Remember to Relax and Practice!