Let’s GET going and talk about love

Hi Everyone,

Well it was a perfect summer day yesterday – sunny and breezy!

We started class with a look at the transitive verb “get”. Get is a transitive verb – it needs a direct object to complete its meaning. Get is used all the time informally such as get lost, get the door, get a life, get real, get over yourself, and do you get me? We looked at these two phone conversations between Alice and John Alice and John talk on the phone   and discovered that although conversation A is a lot more formal, conversation B sounds more casual and natural. Next we reviewed and practiced some phrasal verbs with “get” take another look at the worksheet Phrasal Verbs Get Practice  and here is a list of 15 phrasal verbs with “get”, their meanings and examples  15 Phrasal Verbs with Get

Now, onto the topic for the day : love is like…….       Everyone was given a thought bubble to fill in their own ideas and thoughts on what love is like. Here’s the collection of your ideas and thoughts LOVE IS LIKEGreat job on your creativity and original thoughts on love!! Then we watched the film Love is Like Life but Longer , before we watched it we predicted what the film might be about, what would happen to the characters, would it have a happy or sad ending… Watch the film again here  

Then we took a look at some quotes using love is like… some of them we liked and some we did not, here are the slides for you Love is like

Words of the day

overdue (adjective) : not paid at an expected or required time                                                           If my rent is overdue again this month, I’m afraid my landlord will kick me out of my apartment.

take it easy (idiom) : to relax and avoid hard work                                                                                You’ve been cleaning up all morning, have some lunch now and take it easy!

temptation (noun) : a strong urge or desire to have or do something                                                 Try not to give into the temptation to snack between meals. 

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Remember to Relax and Practice!