Causative Verbs and Social Media

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a glorious summer day with lots of sunshine and a nice breeze! We started our class with a review of causative verbs – make, have, and get.  Here is the practice worksheet we did in class with the answers Causative Verbs Practice 

The topic was social media – facebook, instagram, wechat, QQ, blogs, youtube, google+, myspace, skype, and many more. We discussed which ones we use and why we use them. We reviewed some vocabulary that is unique to social media.We watched this video about a guy who uses facebook to tell the story of his life 

After watching the video we talked about what we like and dislike about facebook, and how other people use it. Be careful what you post!

We relaxed and reviewed some “beach” vocabulary with this slide presentation Let’s go to the beach (enjoy the sounds of the waves and shore birds!!)

Words of the day

dialogue (noun) : a conversation; things that are said by the characters in a movie, play, etc.                                                                                                                                                       Today in class we had a dialogue about facebook.

approval (noun) : belief that someone or something is good or acceptable: permission to do something : acceptance of an idea, action, plan, etc.                                                               When her children asked for ice cream, their mother gave her approval.

bummer (noun) – slang : something that is unpleasant or disappointing                                   We wanted to go to the beach today, but it is raining. What a bummer!

Have a great weekend and remember to relax and practice!