A,An,The and Empathy and Envy

Hi Everybody,

Last week we started off with a review of using the articles a,an,the. First we looked at some common errors made when using the articles, here are the rules we reviewed in class Common Errors a an the. Then we practiced the rules on these sentences Let’s practice 

The topic last week was Empathy and Envy. We broke up into 4 groups and brainstormed the meaning of empathy and envy. Each group presented their ideas to the class. Great job on using your individual thoughts and creativity! We discussed what the video My Shoes might be about and then watched the video, keeping in mind the themes of empathy and envy. Here’s the video for you to watch again

We talked about how the actors displayed envy and empathy in the video. Then we looked through these slides and talked about what these quotes mean to us in our own lives Empathy and Envy Quotes

Words of the day

chunk (noun) : a thick piece of something                                                                                          She cut the watermelon into large chunks, before we went on the picnic.

sliver (noun) : a small, thin piece that has been cut, torn, or broken from something larger          After Thanksgiving dinner, I usually have a sliver of pecan pie.

slice (noun) : a thin piece of food that is cut from something larger                                                 I think I will have a slice of pizza for lunch today.

{Just a reminder, no class Friday July 4th}

Remember to relax and practice!