Body Language and Happiness

Hi Everyone,

Well, today is the last day of Spring and finally, Summer officially starts tomorrow!! We began class with a discussion about “body language”, the non-verbal communication which consists of body posture, gestures, movements and facial expressions. We worked on Body Language Collocations and verbs that go with these expressions.  We practiced some more body language by demonstrating several body postures and then tried to guess what these postures meant.

Our next focus was on facial expressions and how a simple expression like a smile can say so much. Here is the  Chart of 30 Facial Expressions  that we looked at in class. For today’s topic we concentrated on one facial expression – smile 🙂 . A smile indicates happiness and we discussed what happiness means to us. Everyone then wrote down one thing that would make them happy. Before watching the film 50 People One Question/ Denver (What would make you happy?) we looked at the responses that people gave to the question in the film, and tried to predict what age, gender, and type of person made the response. Nice job everyone on your thoughtful and creative predictions. Here’s the video for you to watch again 


After watching the video, we talked about our predictions about the person who made the responses. Lastly we revealed what one thing would make us happy. Thanks everyone for sharing your personal responses!

We wrapped up our discussion by reviewing a study that was done on Country happiness. Here is the result of certain countries and their happiness index Country Happiness Index

Words of the day:

gross (adjective) : very rude or offensive; very disgusting                                                                  She has a gross habit of biting her nails and spitting them onto the ground.

few (adjective) : not many                                                                                                                     There were only a few people in the class today.

concoct (verb) : to make something (a food or drink) by mixing different things together         She concocted a delicious stew for dinner from leftovers.

Enjoy this beautiful Summer weekend!! Remember to relax and practice!