Night and Day and Status Symbols

Hi Everyone,

It was a gloomy, rainy morning today, but, we started with some common idioms using the words night and day. These can be a little tricky, but, we reviewed some of these idioms on this worksheet Idioms with Night and Day

Next I read aloud to the class this brief essay  When is Greatness Achieved and we discussed how did it makes us feel, and why was it written. Then we watched the very short video which uses “When is Greatness Achieved” as its narration. Look again at the video which is really an advertisement for Rolex watches 

Next we discussed what is a Rolex and what does it symbolize. Good work everyone!  Then we divided into small groups and each group was given $203,150 to spend or invest together as a group. The other two rules were that none of the money could be saved and that each group had 10 minutes to make their decisions.  Then, each group presented their decisions and over all the class spent their money on practical items like homes,cars, and even renting a restaurant! Nobody bought a Rolex watch!!  The reason the $203,150 amount was used because in December a Hermes Birkin pocketbook was purchased in Texas for $203,150!!!!!

We opened up the discussion to status symbols, what they are, what they mean, and how do we feel about them and the people who purchase these items. Several people talked about status symbols in their home countries, and we touched on American culture and status symbols. Our last part on today’s topic was a debate on the following statement  Status symbols like Rolex and Hermes are extremely positive. People who display their wealth and power are strong role models for the rest of society.                                                  Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and opinions!

 Words of the day

memorabilia (noun) : objects or materials that are collected : things collected as souvenirs            At the Baseball Hall of Fame there is a large display of baseball memorabilia, including baseball uniforms, game tickets, and lots of background information on the baseball players and teams.

bauble (noun) : an inexpensive piece of jewelry                                                                                      Those shiny glass baubles she wears on her wrist look like real diamonds!

investment (noun) : the act of using money to earn more money                                                           She made a good return on her investment on that Hermes pocketbook, when she sold it 2 years later.

Have a great weekend!              Remember to Relax and Practice!