Your Opinion Matters


Hi Everyone,

Today we discussed facts and opinions – facts are based on real events, and opinions are personal judgement and beliefs that may or may not be based on fact. We all have opinions on many, many topics and so today we shared some of them. We started with expressions and phrases we use to introduce our opinions – the most basic opinion expressions are I agree…. and I disagree…. Take another look at this review of various expressions ,and the argument between two roommates Opinions Review  Next we all wrote down a one sentence opinion on anything . And then we took turns giving our opinions on our fellow classmates statements. Well done everyone! The last practice we did today was to rate six different topics in small groups. As a class we reviewed each group’s opinions on the topics and discussed the topics. Here is the worksheet we used in class Opinion Woksheet

Next we took a look a video ,The Sunscreen, that is full of advice. As we watched the video we thought about what we agreed and disagreed with , and what advice we really felt passionate about. Everyone shared and expressed their opinions about this advice very well!  Here’s the video for you to watch again 

Words of the day

refreshments (noun) : drinks and small amounts of food                                                              Today at our weekly meeting refreshments, including coffee and bagels, were served.

cluster (noun) : a group of people or things that are close together                                            A small cluster of people gathered at the scene of the car accident.

 lethargic (adjective) : feeling a lack of energy or a lack of interest in doing things                     After Thanksgiving dinner and all the turkey and pies, many people feel very lethargic and just want to lie on the couch and watch football.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Remember to relax and practice!