Acronyms and Idea Maps of Words

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On this beautiful, sunny day in May, we started class by discussing abbreviations like Mr. , Dr. , Mon., and Dec. , which we use and are familiar with. Then we took a look at acronyms, which are also abbreviations, but we use them all the time in conversation, like ATM, RSVP, am and pm. Take another review of the slide show of common acronyms and what they mean Common Acronyms slides  A good website to help with acronyms and their meanings is 

Next we got onto today’s topic of word associations by using idea maps, which help us to brainstorm words that go together. An idea map is a great way to expand vocabulary and word fluency and usage. We used the word “play” and developed an idea map with “play” as a verb and a noun. Nice work everyone!  A good graphic online dictionary to help with word associations is visuword at                                                         Then we broke into groups and made idea maps of the following seven words – blow, break, split, run, fly, fall and light. Each group presented their word associations and idea map, which were all very innovative and informative!  We watched the film Words which shows scenes of word associations using the seven words we idea mapped in class. Take another look at the film and see if you can guess all the word associations   

Here’s the work sheet with answers that we did in class of the word associations in the film  Word Associations and Answers

Words of the day

trample (verb) : to cause damage by walking or stepping heavily on something ; to treat other people’s wishes or feelings as if they are not important                                                          When she broke up with her boyfriend, she felt like he trampled her heart.

amenity (noun) : something that makes life easier or more pleasant                                             The hotel has every amenity you could want, including a heated indoor pool, spa, and massages 24 hours a day!

subtle (adjective) : not obvious ; hard to notice or see                                                                     There is a subtle difference in the sound of the words runaway and runway, although their meanings are very different.

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