Compliments and A Positive Outlook

Hi Everyone,

Today we discussed giving and receiving compliments, by starting with an extensive list of positive adjectives about a person. We all got into pairs and had 5 minutes to list all the positive adjectives we could think of. Nice job everyone, the final list was creative and comprehensive!

Then we took a look at giving compliments, we reviewed some forms of giving compliments : 1.)   to be + adjective    (example : You are kind.)                                                                         2.) You’ve got + adjective + noun   (example : You’ve got a great smile.)                                   3.)  Verbs : suit, flatter, agree, fit, match  (example : That shirt matches the                                  color of your eyes.)                                                                                             In small groups we practiced using these forms to create our own compliments.    

Lastly, we watched this short film called Validation, where the main character gives lots of compliments to people. In the film we watched people’s reactions to his compliments and how compliments impacted his life. Take another look at the film here  

Then we talked about giving and receiving compliments here in the US and in other countries and cultures,

Words of the day

stealthy (adjective) : secret and quiet in order to avoid being noticed                                         In order to avoid the paparazzi, the actress used some stealthy moves to disguise her appearance, so she would not be recognized.

break into (phrasal verb) : to enter (house, building, etc.) illegally                                                 The robbers successfully broke into the bank and stole over $10 million.

roam (verb) : to go to different places without a particular plan or purpose                                Sometimes it is fun to roam around a new city without a map, when you are travelling abroad.  

You all did a great job today!    Remember to relax and practice!