Music – Sounds and Feelings

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday’s class was all about musical genres, instruments, sounds, and feelings. We first discussed what types of music we like and also discovered that some of our classmates played several instruments. Next we did a quick review of musical instruments and categories of instruments, take another look at our review here  Musical Instruments Exercise Then we listed various adjectives to describe the sounds of music, and also our emotions and feelings.

Next we put these descriptions to use, and split into two groups, one group watched and listened to this first video, while the other group turned away from the screen and just listened to the video. Afterwards each group presented what sounds they heard, and the instruments they heard, and their feelings about the music. The group that listened only was able to ask a few yes or no questions of the other group to guess what the video was about. Here’s the first video for you to watch  

Then the groups switched and one group watched and the other listened only to this video and had fun discussing the sounds and instruments heard and what their feelings and emotions were. Here’s the second video we watched  

After experiencing both videos we discussed which we liked better, and the differences between listening and watching the music, and listening only to the music. 

We looked at this slide show of inspirational quotes from some musicians, and decided we like the Bob Marley quote. Here is the slide show and click on the little sound symbol on each slide to hear each musician’s song Music Quotes

Words of the day

genre (noun) : a type or category of music, art, or literature                                                         Today we discussed many types of genres of music and which ones we liked.

prime (adjective) : most important : of highest quality or value                                                     Many students consider an education a prime advantage in attaining a successful career.

fade (verb) : to disappear gradually                                                                                                   We watched the sun fade away from view last night.

Have a great weekend! And remember to relax and practice!!