Images and A Thousand Words

Hi Everyone,

Today we tackled some common idioms, starting with a picture is worth a thousand words. We looked at several pictures and discussed the idioms and their meanings, take another look at the slide show  Idioms With Meanings . The last idiom we discussed was like a fish to water (which means to have a natural ability to do something well) and we looked at this picture

Goldfish and Cat in Fishbowl

which is from the short video we watched next. Watch it again and enjoy the surprising ending!!! 

Next we talked about the video A Thousand Words and guessed what it might be about and came up with some very interesting ideas. We watched this video the first time, stopping at certain points to discuss what was happening, who were the characters, and what might to both the woman and man in the film. Take another look at the film here and come up with your own ending….will they meet again or not????   


Finally, since this is ideal seed planting time, flower seed packets were distributed and we reviewed the steps for planting take a look at these slides PLANTING FLOWERS . Good luck planting  your seeds and hope you all grow beautiful flowers!

Words of the day

mess up (phrasal verb) : to make a mistake ; to do something incorrectly                                     Sometimes when you are trying a new recipe, it’e easy to mess up some of the ingredients.

deadline (noun) : a date or time when something must be finished                                                The deadline for getting health insurance is May 31st.

outline (noun) : a written list or description of only the most important parts of an essay, speech or plan ; a drawing or picture that shows only the shape of an object                            Many students will write an outline to help organize an essay. This outline will usually inculde the main idea of the essay followed by supporting points.

Have a great weekend!

Remember to relax and practice!