Discovering Maps

Hi Everyone,

Today Michelle LeBlanc from the Library’s Map Center came to our class and brought us into the world of maps. Michelle distributed very unusual and interesting maps to small groups, and asked each group to try to figure out who made the map; when was it made; is there anything interesting about the map; and is anything missing. Each map was very unique and told a story in time. Great work on the analysis and presentation by each group! Thanks to Michelle for her lively and informative insight on maps!

We took a look at cities around the world and discussed adjectives to describe characteristics of cities. Everyone recognized and identified the cities, take another look through these slides and see if you can describe these cities Name That City

Words of the day

blossom (verb) : to grow, change and develop fully ; to produce flowers                                         Each Spring the magnolia trees blossom along Beacon Street, and smell so sweet.

forecast (noun) : a statement about what you think is going to happen in the future                  We get daily weather forecasts, which help us plan our day.

packet (noun) : a small, thin package                                                                                                    I have two packets of pansy seeds that I am going to plant on my patio this weekend.  

George Washington Statue in Boston’s Public Garden

Have a great weekend.  Remember to relax and practice!