Secrets and Whispers

Hi Everyone,

Today we started off with a review and practice of 10 phrasal verbs with TURN –                    turn around         turn away        turn down          turn in          turn into                                      turn on                 turn off          turn over            turn out       turn up                                       Here are the meanings of these phrasal verbs and a practice of using these 10 phrasal verbs in some sentences 10 Phrasal Verbs with TURN Match and TURN Phrasal Verb Sentences       

Today’s topic was Secrets and Whispers. We discussed what secrets are and what things might be secret. Then we went through these secret questions slides Secret Questions  and everyone did a great job expressing your opinions and views on the subject of secrets.  Next we watched this video Your Secret and talked abut the meaning of the video. Watch the video again and see if you come up with some other ideas about it 

Now onto whispers – this is often the way we tell secrets, by whispering or talking in a soft voice. We then played a game of telephone, with players sitting in chairs side by side and player number 1 looking at a picture and then whispering the description to player number 2 who whispers it to player number 3 and so on until it reaches the last player who says it out loud. We had a lot of laughs and you all did a terrific job!!!

Words of the day:

conceal (verb) : to hide (something or someone) from sight : to keep (something) secret                Many parents will conceal Easter eggs from their kids this Sunday.

assortment (noun) : a group or collection of different things or people                                             Our class is an assortment of students all learning to improve their English.

tidbit (noun) : a small piece of food : a small piece of news or interesting information                  She just told me an interesting tidbit about her former roommate.



Remember to Relax and Practice!!


Good luck to all the runners on Monday!!!!